NEIL BARRETT SS2020 - Mantovani Fashion Store abbigliamento scarpe e accessori San Giovanni Valdarno Castiglione della Pescaia


The Neil Barrett man has respect for traditions and heritage, but wilfully breaks the rules in the hopes of universal change.

The collection reflects diversity, distinct paths, a fearlessness.

Formal and casual, are remixed, blended and cross-bred, either in sharp collage of the disparate, or to create entirely new and distinct HYBRIDS.
YOUTH inspires.

Garments are picked up, reworked and hybridised with iconic pieces of a man’s wardrobe: tailoring, bombers, trench-coats, sportswear, sweatshirts – a vocabulary of dress today.

The clothes have a youthful invention, naivety, a sense of the human hand.

Handmade, handcrafted, handworked – the rough with the smooth, the raw against the polished.

The mix is fresh and new.
Clothes are ALMOST-TRADITIONAL, each one treated in an unconventional, unexpected way.

There is a sense of patchworking to the mixing and matching of separate form types.

Even shoes are hybrids, launching the evolution of the BOLT SNEAKER: the BOLT HYBRID 09 and 10, both fusing authentic skateboard and basketball styles, as well as mismatching colourways.

References are drawn from the universe of university dress, with invented school crests.

The codes of collegiate dress here are challenged, confronted, reworked.
College lettering, expressive of both university education and a universal shorthand for youth, is used as graphic decoration, with wordplay around education and its establishments, including ironic references to The Slade, part of the University of London.

Construction details, traces of garments within garments and papery fabrics evoke ideas of design, the study of forms, of construction.

Precise lines reflect rigour, considered pattern and colour a mindful creativity.
The mood of youth, experimentation and exploration is expressed though a collaboration with the young South African ARTIST Jody Paulsen: working in residence and creating new artworks, Paulsen’s work decorates garments and the showspace. He has devised fictional ‘Old Boy’ crests and brilliant contrasts of colours, echoing college scarves.

His works finds joy in the imperfect and imprecise, the marks of human accident – these are reflected in embroideries and prints, in raw edges and exposed seams, expressing the touch of the hand.

Here, Neil Barrett learns how to translate those ideas through his own polished lens, in a creative conversation with an emerging young talent.
The FINALE of the show introduces a MUSIC COLLABORATION: launching the Boombox Backpack, with premium sound & portable power to charge your cell phone, in partnership with Wizpak, the world’s first wearable luxury sound system.

Posted by Staff  Posted on 24 Apr